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One week of gunner and we already have this

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I saw gunners that high when it was only day two.. it's amazing what trove + credit cards can do for a person. But the thing is unless they played Korea or China they will also know next to nothing about how their class runs.. why I'm taking the slow route and leveling it up from level 1..so I learn what all the skills do and just don't hope my high dps helps me clear shit. 

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15 hours ago, KurooSakura said:

Trove + EXP Charms. 


That guy also has a HM 19 Warlock, life sucks man. 

I've been playing for a year and a half, troved a couple times and I barely achieved HM 11 the other day. So HM16 in 6 mere days, just how? What is this sorcery?

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I had 22 pages of xp charms saved in my mailbox. It took me all of 30 mins to get to HM11. I started saving mats, on two alts, since I heard rumors that this was going to be a class. It cost me close to 1k in mailing fees alone to move all of that. I did use trove for the BT SS, ferocity, and hoping to get the divine grace stones. Was it worth it? Yes, I switched mains, from FM, about 2 days in just because of how much fun the Shadow GS is.

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It's Impossible to me. There must be a "Way".

6 days hm16 it's no way even spamming charms, unless a month.

hm14 to hm16 took around 400Million exp.

I got hm15 almost hm16 already took forever to level.


for 400M exp he needs 46K exp per minute. I think (400M/6days/24hours/60minutes).


Not to mention Hm1-hm14 Exp accumulated yet.

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2 hours ago, Venkas said:

People think $500 is high >_>



For some that's a fully time salary in EU.... actually it's even more then the minimum wage in some countries.... so .. yeah.. 500$ is a lot for a lot of people.

But then again as it was stated in the the posts above, if the guy can afford it .. who are you to denie him the pleasure ? ....   I'm happy his spending money in the game and not on crack or getting his ass killed.


Plus.. look at this clan tag.. that's a clan that can actually DO what they want to DO that is related to dungeons in this game.... a.k.a reset dungeons if they want to and finish it in less then 10 minutes.

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