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[How to fix] Issues while purchasing the premium through the website


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Hello puppies,

since I love everyone of you but "they" don't love us, I'm here to help you (or I hope to help you) with a triggering ***** problem.


If you are trying to purchase a premium membership trhough the website but an error still redirect you to the login process (and again, and again, and again like in an infinite loop), I've found 2 "ways" to let it work:


The first one is the NOSENSE ONE

- Go to your Account Page and change the language with an other one (dropdown menu in the footer)

- then back to the Premium Membership Page, CTRL+F5 and here we go!


The second method is to overload the JS on the page by deleting some rows of code related to the js console in the F12. Delete then ctrl+f5, delete then ctrl+f5 (3 times is enough).. this will overload your local cached js and let it replaced with a new cleared one.



This ways fixed the problem to me and my friends so... I think will work also for you! 




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