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Thanks for 2 sets of free costumes [Closed: Old Thread]

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You buy the Jyansei Jackpot chest (or something similar) in Hongmoon store for 0 NCoins.

You can always open the next stage after 10 hours. At last stage you get a outfit + head adorment.

The chest has 10 stages.

For the blood rain outfit + accessory you get them by doing daily event and changing the event tokens with the stuff in Dragonexpress store. For having the full set you need 65 event tokens and if you have luck only 55 (because the blindfold can drop from event daily treasure chest).

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2 hours ago, Serafall said:

How do you get them? I signed up and only got the cowgirl outfit, not blood raid.

Blood raid requires memory bells to exchange which can be acquired from daily also about the jyansei jet pot which totally gives 3 sets of free costumes

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