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Lin's Art Shop [Open]


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I currently am looking for people who are interested in art!

I would accept ingame currency such as gold, ncoin or direct gifts


Here are some examples of my art:

For more art, please check out my:






I hope you like my art and help me earn up enough for the items I wish to have, thank you for reading ♥



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Updating the thread with recent art ♥




On 9/27/2017 at 8:59 AM, iwuvutodeath said:

id like to get one if u could contact me i will send u the pictures

[Moderated - Displaying real-life information]

I am not very comfortable with using my facebook to contact, maybe you could add me instead on Blade and Soul?
I am Fleur LaPixa in EU or perhaps on discord if you own one Lintegrisse#6148

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