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Ping struggling as Shadow Gunner :(

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41 minutes ago, Drakeos99 said:

Since already finished main storyline and yet struggling to play as Shadow due to being in Australia (350ms+) wondering if fire be best way or reroll to summoner ?

Fire Gunner is more ping-friendly. Try to see if you can fit 4 Bullet Storm (F) + 4 Reload (LMB) per Tombstone (Tab) or 3 Unload (F) per Firefall (C).


That is how my Fire Gunner is at 250-300ms.

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Gunner in general is very ping reliant and that goes for both builds just that fire is a little less ping reliant. Shadow build is not recommended if you have more than 300+ ping and with fire you will notice a big difference in your dps compared to someone with lower ping because you will reload slower and this can be a problem with your tab combo in how many f you dish out.

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