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Upgrading Oathbreaker accs?

Emerald Sun

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I have oath and true oathbreaker accs which requires Breeze for breakthrough. Apparently breeze has been removed and my accs are pretty much obsolete?

Had someone else tell me they can be exchanged for legendary accs but I don't have that option for them anywhere? I can't salvage them or anything.

What am I supposed to do with my accs now? Someone pretty much told me I'm better off starting a new char to get gear quicker but I'm not starting over.

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Not sure, but I don't think Breeze was removed. At the very least you can still buy them in Mushins Tower with Naksun Badges.


You'd have to have upgraded them all the way to the max, True Scorpio/Yeti/Python, etc in order to salvage them for Legendary JEWELS, not legendary accessories.


Technically speaking, yes, they are obsolete now, in the sense that you won't be upgrading them anymore. You don't have to start over, your True Oathbreaker stuff is more or less equal to Pinnacle accessories, so your next step is legendary accessories. Use the in game "Equipment Upgrade Path" button at the bottom of your inventory to see where to get them.


You can also exchange for the starting legendary from the "Dragon Express" if you get enough pieces from their dungeons. It's like a consolation prize that you get over time if you're not lucky enough to get the accessory itself as a drop.

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