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alright keeping it short i want to understand the point of this. Like seriously, why is there a need to have some people get royally ****ed by such a needless RNG. Getting good gems is already a huge grind on its own, so why do we have to get denied to the ability to use our hard earned gems because we are stuck with 3 or 4 sockets from stage 1 to 12 lol.

with current market price of 40 gold per legendary gem hammer (which is a hilariously low compared to its old price due to trove and and the jackpot thingy) it will take someone with 3,4,5 sockets 1760,1480,880 Gold to unlock his/her remaining slots respectively.

mind you once the trove ends this will return back to the old price of 200-240 gold per hammer so yeah do the math yourself if you want to get a heart attack for fun. i even remember checking the market countless times during that time and there werent even enough hammers during any single given time for one person to unlock a 6th slot with 22 of these hammers needed.

and mind you its not nearly as uncommon as you might think for someone to be stuck with 3 or 4 slots for a seriously long time (speaking from experience here)
right now it seems the only plausible way to be safe is to keep buying the unrefined legendary weapons (scaleburn) and keep upgrading them one after the other while hoping to god u get 5 or 6 sockets immediately. but hey it cant be that easy because you need 3 flowers of lament and they cost 15 gold to mail so good luck farming asura for the rest of your life.

now lets see how many people start bashing at this.

just checked the number of hammer currently available in the market even during this low price and "abundance" of them
....yeah there are only 41 of them, clearly enough to satisfy the needs of everyone who got bad RNG and is willing to drop this dumb amount of gold for something most others got for free.


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