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Balancing to do list:


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Make the duration of BM block shorter than CD, and lower the adage of DT, Soaring Falcon, and Lightning Draw.


Remove the resist all damage from KFMs block and remove the 1 second addition resist for Q and E.


Make BD chose between iframe and parry for their spin.


Reduce damage of WL during their aircombos.


Reduce damage of inferno and Duel Dragons and return CD time of glacial beam to 36 seconds.


Damage nerf for summoner...all of it. The healer class does as much damage as the WL. Also, return CD of cat sit to 36 seconds.


Reduce damage of Gunslinger...that's it...


and uh...increase CD time of SFs iframe?  I really don't know what to do with that class...


Destroyers...not really sure what to nerf there. I mean, maybe make their grab moves more telegraphed? 


Assassins, remove like, one or two their stealth abilities, and remove their evasion status from their skills altogether. Also make it so BB does not apply in 1v1 arena only. Same goes with KFM. Sick of seeing people literally going around PVEing folks. It's annoying.

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I'm nerfing FM and I play KFM and Des as well. Along with WL and BM (though not competitively).


Also, FM is getting a huge nerf with this. right now the 24 second Force Blast destroys everything. Changing it back to 36 seconds might actually make it trash again. It should also be noted that this is primarily through the eyes of a FM, self reflecting and looking out to the other classes. 



And since Gunslinger came out: Make Bullrun pierce defense, make tripshot pierce parry. Nerf the damage of Unload, and make it so they don't get the 2 second resist when using Move 2 of Tombstone. Also, fix the bugs in regards to Skystone, and make the KD time following their air combo shorter....way shorter.

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On 10/2/2017 at 6:06 PM, chaos2come said:

Just Stop....you can't deal with it. So, you want a nerf that gives you the advantage. git gud 


that's just stupid. I deliberately put in my main in the list of nerfs just so you can't say that. And no it doesn't just give me an advantage, it puts everyone on an even playing field, that's my goal.

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Guys i used to have a summoner , but i get bored of right and left click f grab down and done so i made a gunner , its quite fun to play not so boring as summoner , i dont have any problem with fm's or summoners or sf's , i got huge problem with destoyers kfm sins bd's bm's , i tilt with desto's mosty and bd's , its a match that my oponet spins and just wins , whath the heck i get like 3-4 air comboes from bd's in a round of 1vs1 arena tag match and almost 2-3 from destoyers , and i as a gunner cant even land an air combo cause its so god deamn slow that even my granny would use escape skill , as i can consider from the expirience i have gathered in this game , they need some kind of nerf so i thing about the dmg of my class gunner but to make him more fast in casting some skills that are like hell slow and this slow casting time always conclude in a lose , also sin's that are quite skilled cant be really be killed in any way , cause they are just stealthed all time  have 2 escape skills , massive burst dmg with bb and quite and annoying cc chain that just cant be broken if i as a gunner have already used one escape skill i alrealy have , same goes for fkm's but you can see him at least and predict some of their skills and evade em . Destoyers are the something else i cant touch em , like the song ''you cant touch this'' ahahahaha , slow and painfull death full of cc , knock ups ext ... Bm's fire dmg its so high that sometimes i just let em finish to go the next match . Anyway this game its really complexed one and need a lot of rework in some characters so it would be more skilled game rather that spamm game , who spamms better their skills win . That's what i wanted to share ... Take care .

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