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What was the logic behind removing xp gained from mobs?

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I noticed somewhere, the xp got turned off for the frostscale basin mobs, then I checked twisted grimhorn and the ghs right now, except I left....


Ok,  the difference between 75k and 95-ish k in frostscale is pretty big

the difference between 56k and 76k in twisted is huge

the difference between what95 k and w/e 120-150k from rocking the whole ghs is also pretty big


dailies are a drag, but at least wasting all that time had some added benefits.


Not complaining or crying because I have said it probably more than most anyone else: things change, things come and things go. You deal or gtfo. I consider it a new twist to the game.

It is really going to reduce my daily xp count that I used to get from doing dailies.


So my question is:

What was the reasoning behind slowing down levelling up by killing all xp from dailies mobs?


OK, here's my reality: a couple of us had a good laugh in twisted earlier. "ya just taking my last look around", "rip" were 2 of the comments I remember

so just camp chunky's minions while breaking jars, get the other 2 clowns and get out, cuz also a drag. i'll still do it until they remove frostscale essence I suppose.

ghs, low evolve drop rate, incredible amounts of waiting times with absolutely nothing to do except burn up your weapon for zero good reason, so no...and, meh..too boring..


so i'll find something else to do, but I really don't understand why all the mobs are reduced to uselessness. why kill anything more than absolutely necessary now? why am I being de-motivated to do all my bread-and-butter dailies by seriously reducing the xp I get?  why even have mobs now?



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We currently have a known issue where experience is not being granted when killing monsters whose HM level difference is 10 or greater. We are hoping to address this issue in our next maintenance patch.


You can find a list  of known issues here.


Thank you.

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ahhhh, thank u sir.


heh, I made a huge deal about farming wolves while still HM9 because I knew that party would soon be over.


I also wasn't really sure, but now that it is some glitch, i'll say that ghs worked Wednesday evening after maint. I rang up some sweet fast xp because I caught several of those tough guys with one shot left from the NPC dude that beats the crap out of the mobs.  1 shot 750 xp or w/e and a good laugh, point being, I was noticing last ghs that I was getting xp.

and now that I meditate on it, I checked my xp tally before I turned in frostscale basin quests(change char screen shows it) when I did them first dailies of the day, so the glitch may have showed up many hours after servers were back online actually.


did y'all sneak any hot patches in 12-18 hours after you brought the servers back online after maintenance. if so, I would look there first..

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