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Friends List and Download Struggles


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As we all know a recent Update/Patch has been implemented into the game. Releasing Gunner and many new systems and content. 


Sadly, what my friends in-game, and I have noticed, that our friends list have all been bugged. We are unable to see when people are online anymore. As well as get a notice when someone logs in. Which prevents us from Whispering and Partying up together. 


Another issue that we found, is that , some people are trying to down load the game right now. Though the Installer/Launcher fails every time they get partly way into the download. Causing them to not update, or download the game. Which is sad, because who doesn't want to play this game!? I can't tell the specify Error of the download, since I'm not personally having issue, but I heard from two different people that they can't re-download or even download and launch the game at all.

UPDATE: This is what comes up for the downloads.



These are the only bugs that my friend and I have spotted since this recent content update. I hope this can help others or get things adjusted for others to download to play.



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