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Major fps issues, needing help!

Poo Stainz

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I have seen a few posts about this already but not specific to my issue or really a good way to solve this. I recently bought a computer that has a i7-4790k, Msi gtx 970, and 16gb of ram. The computer has been completely wiped with a fresh install of windows 10 64bit pro. I installed geforce experience and all of the drivers are up to date and have also done all of the windows updates with drivers etc. The previous owner could run BnS at 1440 with high settings at 60-70fps but i can hardly run the game at 1080 with everything at 3 staying at about 45 fps. I have read on the forums and people with my exact setup or with the 970 in general run 100-120 fps on maxed setting so i am confused on why I am having issues. I went into nvidia control panel and added bns and changed the setting putting it to high and high performance and it didn't change anything. I have reinstalled the latest graphics drivers but at this point I don't know what to resort to. 


Should I try BnS Buddy?


Any suggestions??

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