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Support is doing what he wants

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Hi guys,


4-5 month ago i wrote a ticket to reroll to the class gunner.

The support team said they would transfer my Items when i create the character.

On the 12.09. they wrote that the upper bosses said that hey can´t do that.

Yesterday they wrote again to me that they can do it, so i created lvl 50 gunner with the 50/50 ticket and wrote the name to which they should transfer my items.

1 hour ago they said that  they can´t do it. And the funny thing is it was always the same support who said that they can´t do it. The others said ok they would do it.

I feel so frustrated that the support is playing with me like this.

I send all my stuff over to my gunner spent 1,3k gold for that and the lvl 50 ticket i bought.

Has that happend to one of you maybe too?

They don´t care about the community at all and i don´t think they will change that at all.


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For pay to players, they will on occasion send over your Energy and Pet progress, but they can do nothing else.
And no, they certainly aren't very informative or caring for the community.
I share your grievences in that when reporting for afkers in swirlwind vally, they basically just said "k. No worries, its a balanced system based off rank"
I'm bronze going against 3 golds. Ah well, its perfectly balanced!

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