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Gon Gunslinger

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They won't allow Gon gunslingers now since korea doesn't have 'em, though they should have done so.


Yun 'slingers just dont feel right. Would've been far better to go with Gon's to go along with Jins. At least that way, one of races chosen wouldn't of been gender locked.


Shades of that garbage Tera nonsense...

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No it's great that yun got the gunner, it's their only À BIT limited class, gon already have one spécial class + on yun's description it Say that they are good warriors.

But, yeah, they would be better in WL than un gunner, so we need Yun wl and ton gunner.

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y. Yun should get Warlock instead of Gunner, but well. Im kinda happy its Jin+Yun not Jin+Lyn. This way i can create at least Yun. I prefere Gons, but Yuns are ok too. Jins are like young shounen manga main heroes with burning passion, when Lyns are race for pedophiles. Booth are not for me. Gunslinger class isnt so fun itself, so it propably never become my main (at least if they dont nerf it). I would prefere if Gon get some spear class soon instead of gunner (which i was so hyped for before release).

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