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Known Issue: Coin of Memory Event Token


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Currently, players that participated in the previous Tower of Memory event are receiving Coin of Memory instead of Memory Bell from the Not-So-Fond-Memories daily quest. We are working to address this issue and in the meantime if you receive Coin of Memory, please do not sell them through the antique window. We are looking to have the Exchange Antique window offer 2 Memory Bells for 1 Coin of Memory after our next maintenance. 


Thank you.

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What about the scaling on enemy levels unannounced. Tried to solo on Ebon the enrage is much less and the HP is much more. and you have exactly 4;30 minute before it enrage (Doesn't seem normal for NM)


Can't imagine how it will be for bosses like VT and SK where u will be missing alot of accuracy since we are still on lv50. Jonathan said its intended that can't be right right? We're doing less DPS because of boss's evades and you're telling us thats intended?


If you can miss CC on balls due to balls evasion from lv55/57 on Scion Keep that would be ridiculous.

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LOL....I cannot believe that you make a mistake and use your lvl 50 voucher on another character by mistake and when Support actually answer 28 hrs later you cannot level crap cause the server is down. It has been down for Maint. for over an hour for me....I am trying really hard to stay as a player in BnS but with this money siphon and server not working properly....is hard...really hard to stay a faithful BnS player. 

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