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Sooo about time to start guessing game xD

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2 minutes ago, Dark Falz said:

Did they say it would be extended?  From what the announcement said servers aren't scheduled to be up til 30 minutes from now.

So we're not on extended maint yet

Yes, we know. But usually with an update like this there will be some sort of problem for which they need to extend the mt for X amount of time. Let's hope for the best that nothing went wrong.

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One hour from now.


30 minutes playtime, followed by servers coming down for unscheduled maintenance/bug fixes lasting 4 hours.


Servers coming back up 4 hours after the initial 4 hour estimated time. Only to go down again for yet another unscheduled maint/downtime for further bug fixes.


Expect servers to come back up tomorrow, 1pm.

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