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Are you excited about the gunner ?

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Personally not. I've generally found pure ranged classes in this game to be boring compared to melee. I'll probably poke with it still though, but probably not make it to 50.


I was really hoping that given the style of this game, that they would have been more of a flashy gun kata/gun fu type of style and attacks. If that were the case I would have been more interested, but after watching vids of their skill sets, all I can think is "meh".

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5 minutes ago, gridloki said:

Cant wait.. 6.5 hrs till i can play mine, if there is no extened d/t


4 minutes ago, 1234567890123456789000 said:

Let's be honest, the maintenance will probably be extended. 



Don't jinx it! D:<

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1 minute ago, gridloki said:

If i had wanted my dreams crushed i would have posted in faction chat XD still so excited tho

Can't post in faction chat if the games not up /giggle
I am indeed your casual faction chatter. 
However I am hoping that the maintenance won't be extended or possibly shortened. 
In the past it has been shortened but also extended much more.

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I'm excited, but not about a gunner, but for a patch itself. Crafting, Buffs to XP, Dungeons (hopefully to legendary accesory drop too), and last but not least Trove! Yura Hair! I want it so bad, i will spend some money on it. Buying keys for ncoins is sadly not so good idea. Spend 18g for key, then 5 for Legendary element (and thats if you are lucky).

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22 minutes ago, Hiendral said:

Btw guys, we are a lot of people coming back.

What is the "op class" now ?

When I decided to stop the game people were crying about BM,BD and summ xD

WL's are OP in PvP and they are one of the most neede classes in pve. SIN's are OP in PvE and as always good in pvp. FM's as always very good in PvE and in top tier PvP. (IMHO)

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Not at all, in my case. I only started playing the game 3 months ago, so the base classes still feel fresh enough for me (still in love with the Blade Dancer). Maybe if I'd started playing last year I might've been more excited about Gunslinger release.

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