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Hey guys! I'm looking for info about the game, hoping to get some opinions here.


Some friends/family and I are looking for something to play as a group, and I remember loving the look and style of this game having briefly played years ago (plus open world pvp is <3) but I'd like to know how difficult the game's content is while leveling and at endgame. We recently tried LotRO again and left pretty quickly because of the utter lack of anything challenging in the game, mobs were being shouted to death by our healer before our spellcasters could get a spell off most of the time, even higher level elites were a joke. I can appreciate being able to solo content but I'd like to have fun with a larger group and still find difficult content to overcome while leveling, so the game isn't just mindlessly running around from quest hub to quest hub.


So! Do you think this would be a good place for us to check out? While on the topic as well, how active is the pvp while leveling these days? Thanks!

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PVP while leveling is pretty much non-existent. Same for open-world PVP, as most players are in 1 faction to farm effectively. PvP happens in 6v6 or Arena (1v1 / 3v3)


As for difficulty..

You can chose between normal and hard-mode. NM (for normal mode) is pretty braindead most of the time, while HM can be challenging as you have to do mechanics and mobs have way more HP - they also deal a lot more damage than in normal mode. 


You can increase the difficulty by doing dungeons with less players, or for a better challenge, solo the dungeons (of course you need a minimum gear to even be able to do this).


Be warned, though. Leveling from 1-50 is pretty much your tutorial and quests only. After you finished the story, the grind starts.

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