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lyn gunslinger please

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On 9/13/2017 at 11:44 AM, Irisdina said:

lol. what kind of vendetta? becouse i said Lyn shouldnt get gunslinger it mean i have something against them? NO. Ofc i can said it openly i dont like this race, but i dont see any vendetta you write about.

Mostly that you seem to be clutching at straws trying to find and bend any reason you possibly can in order to justify an asinine viewpoint. Like, really, how much would Gunslingers being available to the Lyn race affect you? Would you suddenly be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. Would everyone else be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. So why so much effort to try and "Prove" that Lyn cannot be Gunslingers, despite evidence to the contrary (Such as your main argument about physical strength being completely negated by the existence of Blade Dancers. "Oh but there's no NPC BD's" - Yeah, but that doesn't matter, Lyn can be BD. They were originally going to have BM and Sin too. Clearly the developers didn't seem to think that Lyn where not physically capable to utilize fully melee classes)


On 9/13/2017 at 11:44 AM, Irisdina said:

Dont even put fireball here pls... trowing fireballs from hands in most movies, storys mangas etc. dont need from you high physical power if its magic, or pyrocynetic ability.

About sword i write you already: there are many ways to made sword: best blacksmith use light steel inside, and hard outside. This way sword is lighter, and more durable. Lets add this is wu-xia type game, so we can place our bet weapons are forged from damacus steel, or something even better (some mystical way). You known what is damacus steel? And i already write you: in whole story we dont met EVEN ONE Lyn BD. Onyly player can create Lyn BD.

In most mangas and anime, characters get physically tired after throwing a lot of fireballs...


Also, have you ever held a sword? Like a proper combat ready sword not some cheapo wallhanger trash? Even with all the weight saving tricks like fullers, lighter steels with tempered edges to make the edge more durable and various tapers in the width and thickness of a blade, even side swords and the like are still fairly hefty and are tiring to swing about a lot.


This isn't even getting to the issue that a blade that is too light can't get any power behind it so won't cut very well at all (In addition to making getting the balance right incredibly difficult).


Swords aren't as simple as "Make the blade super duper light = best". You need to have the balance in the right place, you need to have enough weight for you to put force into, you need to make sure that the edge is resilient enough to withstand strikes without the blade as a whole shattering, you need to have enough flex in the blade to absorb some of the impact so it won't snap etc.


A blade of the proportions that are used in game would never realistically be usable in one hand.


In addition to this, the whole physical aspect of things isn't even accurate either. Since we're trying to apply Human traits to Lyn. Lyn are not humans, which means they do not necessarily share humans strength:size ratio. I mean, from in game, Lyn can jump way higher than any real life human can, can fall from massive heights and be unharmed, take a huge axe to the face and walk away barely scathed (Or can even parry it without missing a beat).

Lyn have animal characteristics to them, that's their entire identity. Now if we look at something like the Summoner's cat, who is also quite small in stature, lets check the size of the hammer and sword they swing about. Oh, now we have grounds to start justifying Lyn Destroyers (The main issue I think Lyn Des have is when grappling someone... It's bad enough for the quest where you have to pick up a dude from the beach right after the tutorial where smaller Lyn will have the dude clipping through the floor, let alone when trying to hold someone by the collar with one hand while the other pummels them...)


On 9/13/2017 at 11:44 AM, Irisdina said:

And? You shoot big blast from wooden stick. That this made it giant iron axe? does that made it steel blade? does it transform into bangle? NO. It still have same weigh. Dude its still some nice looking wooden stick with decorations.

And your premise is that shooting guns is tiring. If shooting guns is tiring, why isn't shooting huge blasts magnitudes larger than gun shots tiring?


On 9/13/2017 at 11:44 AM, Irisdina said:

OK. From where you get this, becouse DEFFINITLY not from game.

From the wiki, which I assumed translated it from the Korean version.


On 9/13/2017 at 2:44 PM, Irisdina said:

rly... whats wrong with ppl this days... why 90% of population start to have fetish of small kids?

What's fetishes got to do with things?


I just like cute things and Lyn are cute. I also think that Lyn Gunslinger would be badass as well.


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Yall need to stop with this. Seriously. It's not even like the class is still in development and they're tryna figure out what races should be gunner. It's already been decided which races gets it, Ji

can lyn get gunslinger please??.,, that will be great if lyn have gunslinger or even better no class locked behind race so everyone can be any race and any class as they wanted

there was a lyn concept for gunslinger but dev saw it was ugly and they burned the whole data here is a prof i found in the net   Lyn have 2 unique class so NOPE, jin is loved for

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