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Late announcement

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They giving really late annoucement or do any of players think one day before dissable crafting is soon enough? or 5 days before they change price of upgrade is good? And midnight streams are also great, best for everyone. And as usual they do not even bother to react to the forum.

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@Fely I am not sure if you didn't read the announcements at all but here is the link to the post from 31st of August. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/crafting-system-streamlining/

Here is quote from the link too


All crafting and gathering requests will be disabled on September 8, to reduce the potential of unneeded cost and effort put into any crafting before the maintenance on September 13.

I think they did well inform us 8 days before it actually was disabled.


The streams come at midnight only for EU but you can still watch them afterwards from their Twitch account so that you can watch them at proper time for you.

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Not true even closely. There was none about tradable or untradable crafting products, none about cost of craft, none about baleful or seraph resource reduction and none about soul reduction cost. This article was total none saying.

Only good inforamation from this was we will make full patch notes.

I upgraded soul becase there wasn't any information about it and now they doesn't want give it back which is lost almost 5 000 golds.

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if they tipped everyone off, it would have too great of an impact.

HAHA joking around.


refunds and rollbacks is a historically unheard of procedure for game mgmt. in MMO's you take that risk being front edge gear. 

I think the mgmt. here bends too much toward lazy, immature, entitled whiners and ends up hurting themselves in the big picture. 



TRUTH: they gave plenty of warning. I sold every last scrap of materials, quartz,  pickaxes, and old mats at full price and I stopped with the sacred oils.


maybe u just started playing last week, but if you had your eyes open, since DECEMBER 2016 the entire dev/ NA-EU community has been swimming in this "content catch-up" time period in order to catch us up to Korea or whomever. Mats and upgrade paths have been getting trashed the entire time starting with tormented weapons and all sorts of other minor mats.  This has not stopped the entire time. Ignorance and density is no excuse for getting burned out of your stuff. The writing has been SOOOO on the wall for so long now.

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