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anyone still farming blindfold/mask from BSH?


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I've wanted the blindfold for a long time and after coming back from a hiatus from the game I decided to gear up and now I'm farming Bloodshade again e ___ e

I know we can get a blindfold accessory from the gunner event but I'd really like the dark grey cobalt one instead. I got a hair drop early on but now I'm getting just outfits or nothing at all, i guess i used up all my rng :'o


if you guys already have a blindfold/mask, how many runs did it take you guys?

if not, i feel your pain v.v

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I have done 652 runs of BSH, here are my drops:

Cobalt Widow Wig x2 (1st around run 100, second at about run 450ish)

Temptress x5 (seems to appear steadily at 1/100 dropchance for me)
Seductress x7 (fairly certain that both costumes have an equal rate, I have just been lucky/unlucky to see more of one than the other)
Cobalt Widow Blindfold x1 (super rare drop for me, I ended up paying 30g for it, dropped around run 300-350)
Scarlet Widow Mask x0 (Legit have never seen this drop on my main which has 652 runs, or any of my alts, the sole reason that I even have so many runs of BSH is because I am trying to get this mask)

In my personal opinion, with BSH/BSC and Naryu Lab no longer in the daily challenge rotation, I think that ALL the cosmetic items from these dungeons should be able to be purchased from the achievement vendor in Zaiwei. Especially considering that the drop rates on cosmetics from these dungeons has always been notoriously low.

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I have also wanted for a long time the blindfold, I gave up because I think the droprate is arround 1% or less according to every guy who got it(or not) that I asked. And that's many that did xx runs or that have never seen it after xx runs.

Now that there's the gunner blindfold I'll completely give up on the widow blindfold, but I feel for you op.

Like I said in a previous post about the same issue, put the skin of dead contents in zaiwei or craft or tokens or anything else.

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