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Hello everyone,


It has been well over a year since I last played. I've picked up the story and having lots of fun. What worries me though, is that I have no idea what to do when I hit lvl 50. What has been patched, what has been nerved? Most importantly, what must I focus on? What should I do concerning DPS and gear?

Can you please take some time to elaborate on these things? Or else, maybe link me an article of some sort that does?


Huge thanks in advance, 




a noob (again).

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Even after you hit lvl 50 you should continue with the story quests.
It goes all the way to Act 7.

Don't upgrade your weapon, on Wednesday you can get an unrefined legendary which will let you skip all the pre-legendary weapon upgrades.
Do dungeons and pick up the "pinnacle X" accessories.

Keep doing all the dungeons you can for daily gold.
Start farming Desolate Tomb for the Necklace, Ebondrake Citaldel (for purple elemental accessory) and gold (the ring isn't that good, so skip it) Naryu Foundry for the belt and Forging Orbs and Naryu Sanctum for the Bracelet.
The last 2 might be out of reach until you have gotten the legendary weapon and maybe upgraded it once or twice.

Farm Midnight Skypetal Plains for the Soulshields (they get cheaper to open after wednesday, but you can stockpile the chests for then).

Try to beat the Mushin's Tower. When you drop the Bracelet in Naryu Sanctum you will need the Bracelet from Mushins Tower Floor 16-20 to unlock it.

You can farm Celestial Basin to get alot of the weapon chests and special upgrade materials for your weapon, but I'd advice you to focus on other places until your gear is higher (so you kill stuff faster).

Buy the Square Diamond from the vendor in Mushins Tower next to the Tower of Infinity.

Keep farming the dungeons for legendary accessories and stockpile up resources.
Try to find a clan you can do Skybreak Spire with to get the next tier of legendary soulshields and the elemental legendary earring and ring.

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