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WL class is a bad pvp class


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8 hours ago, hamongpim said:

No lie but NCS really need to rework the WL class. its just so bad at pvp. Cool down on the tabs and F roll takes forever and WL's only got one stupid tab. like really thats it.

All Classes has cons and pros. All classes are good. the only thing can be bad is the player behind the class. 

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my opinion WL after nerf just for pro player, its geting hard to play, in the future only litle wl left


wl pro

- have sb (u welcome in any party even if u below ap req)

- 2 escape(in 6v6 why need escape when u cannot run from them? destro can catch up u with spin, or sin catch up u when stealth )


wl cons

- only have 1 iframe(five hit stack)

- Repulse, u need standstill

- Imprison, u need standstill

- cannot reset sb, lol some class stolen it

- with shadow build u need a good ping for fast rmb+lmb+rmb+4

- dragoncall need 2.5second to cast when its finish u already dead, and u need to cast it standstill

- your thrall pull enemy gravity skill is usseles cuz your thrall will one shot K.O (to potato compare to cat, that thrall fear appreance just a joke xD)

- do not have fast attack


i think a lot ppl choose warlock cuz just cool animations



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@Kozuki case studies are low on the researchers rank. They need way more data to truly say anything about it. Next to that you need a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to see the following:


True win/lose ratio 

True damage output per match 

Healing per match 

average Ranking 

Max ranking 


Now lets go qualitative 

Feel of strength

Player satisfactory 

Difficulty to master



and there are way more points to truly investigate before able to really state anything regarding OP or UP classes.

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