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How do people reach HM 13 and up?

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So i'm done with the story quests, done everything you can do of it and i'm currently HM 7, and i see lots of players who's way higher HM, so i wonder what they do to keep leveling up?

Do they just do as many daily quests they can everyday? Or is there another quick way of leveling up maybe?

If anyone have any tips to quick leveling or anything at all, please let me know! :)

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just gotta keep playin and doin daily quests and everything 

for months on end

because the exp for NA hm levels is high as shit compared to other regions im psure


but yeah no theres no quick way of doing it you just gotta keep doing your dcs and purple dungeons everyday and eventually level up /giggle

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Just remember that progression in BnS isn't about level - since the story send you straight to the beginning of endgame. Rather, its all about gear - I'm currently HM 10, halfway towards HM 11, after about a month of playing (doing Daily Challenge, purple train, exp charms whenever I get one). I've been out-DPSed by an HM 8 before who had BT (Black Tower/Skybreak Spire, 2nd to last endgame dungeon) accessories; meanwhile, my alt is HM 8/9 but still does subpar damage since its just equipped with pinnacle accessories and true ivorymoon weapon.


Theoretically, you could grind for exp and get around 350k exp per hour, but its useless given that 1.) HM points' value diminish the more you put into it (+10 atk gives you 60, +20 gives you only 40, and +50 only procs if you resist a hit) and 2.) grinding for gear/materials/peaches are more useful

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Like someone said, hm levels don't really matter except they allow you to distribute more points into ap. Some advice I can give is to make sure you run cold storage and heaven's mandate everyday, do msp, dailies, and maybe ssp. I wouldn't worry too much about hm levels though if your gear isn't where it's supposed to be. Maybe it's just me but it looks kind of bad to be hm 10+ still using true ivory wep and pinnacle accessories lol unless it's an alt of course. People usually associate hm levels with how long someone has been playing the game but that isn't always the case for everybody.

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I've been HM11 for nearly 4 months, and recently got to HM12. I don't bother that much with levelling but progression is very slow indeed. Like people before me already said, do dailies, TOI/training gives EXP charms, DKV is a must, farm peaches if you want to buy exp charms...At events, I never buy XP since there are better thing to get but, in the end it's your decision.

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Celesta Basin gives great xp for peaches grind, if you use xp pots some kills gives 1500+xp each, I know of people that have finished the 500k peaches farm months ago, and still go there from time to time.


Trove events, have had prizes also to get exp charms you could buy to fast claim up the hm ladder

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If you want to level up faster, You'll need better gear then the one you end up after story line, Twisted 24 man is a great way to boost level your self, With premium and Exp soups, 600-700k/hour if you do at night when barely anyone there and have high enough gear you can go up/close to 1mill/hour. 


but its not really recommended for people with bad gear, since you won't be killing fast enough. For you right now, focus on Purple dungeons, MSP, Do trial arena, khanda and so on, you will level up eventually.

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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 11:53 PM, Nala said:

Maybe it's just me but it looks kind of bad to be hm 10+ still using true ivory wep and pinnacle accessories lol unless it's an alt of course. People usually associate hm levels with how long someone has been playing the game but that isn't always the case for everybody.

LOL. you want to hear a funny story?  


the background: IDGAF and I just stay in frostscale basin cuz it's fun, so I am geared well for that area.

I have my awakened potato bangle, not even true and all old true oathbreaker bling.   I have had this gear since the big change, and with exception of a pinnacle neck for some more crit, I have no interest in doing any gear changes(ya I will get the true, I just have to waste time in the dungeons vs making money with my limited time right now) until this whole crafting/gear insanity settles down. plan b in every one of these MMO's that does this, and they all have done it so far, is dump all assets and just collect game currency and XP. so I am just horsing around making money. I've been here over a year, so ya.  

my toon is HM11 with balrok shields+the cheap crit upgrades and huge defense (L10 pet aura in there too) and 54k HP and 775 AP but 6 gems that do cool stuff and make my pile of pixels really hard to kill.

as in the exterminator cant really kill me unless it's just me and him and he never lets up.


I play this game because it looks nice and it is relaxing shooting up the woods or farming balroks or bot busting(actually more funner hunting real humans knowing that I have condemned those nasty a-holes' accounts to death).  this keeps it fun and no pressure or stress.


the story:   I was relaxing watching for bots somewhere where I wont say and I told this person "report those bots" cuz there was one.  they looked at my gear and this is what they said. I lolled for real   "it physically hurts me to see an HM11 with 775AP" 

It was some dweeb, boilerplate, sheep in story gear plus baleful like L5 and HM8 is telling me this, probably to try and show off their weapon.  I would have wasted their azz in a fight, no question because of near 50% dmg reduction and their accuracy was crap, and I only hit 10ap lower than them but my 6 gems do all kinds of stuff and my recovery is off the hook vs story gear. my old bling is as good as srsly levelled legendary bling.   and I would have flipped 10 HM points into def for over 50% dmg reduction and 80+k HP


the conclusion:  you have to be a very narrow minded person to ASSUME ( makes an ASS out of U and ME) that everyone NEEDS to be on this driven gear progression, OR maybe this is ur 1st MMO...whateva' treva'.   Gear is thee most ephemeral thing in these games, and it keeps u broke.


by waiting, when I gear up, I will whale my gear up cuz of working hard and making wealth while they are slagging away broke just to get screwed on some part of the progression cuz I got it for free by waiting haha or it was totally removed etc....

if you aren't going for all the glory, the gear frenzy is an insane, stressful adventure I have no interest in at the moment, until it settles down and I actually can make plans w/o being screwed next update...

also, it is really nice to be able to buy anything you want coin or gold, whenever you want, cuz I don't need 100 sacred oils all that bad, so i'll wait

(I only have 2, one I built almost free cuz I had most of the mats from daily dash and buying them cheap when I see them cheap.)


some of y'all forget that this IS only a game.......


edit:  an good example of my plan B (I have seen others aware of this also) I decided to lose my 27 silverfrost pickaxes a few days ago.

I did get 7gold for every one.   What does a pickaxe go for today?

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plan b example:
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