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I bought an Asus ROG, with 8GB of RAM, GTX 950M, i7, and yes, shit happens. I had a crappy Lenovo with 4 of ram, i3 and 920M, and the game ran, and pretty good actually. Now even on the lowest resolution, i barely reach 30 fps, maybe 34.

I googled things, i never had Asus GamerFist or any other thing, every other game runs just fine. 

Yes, nothing seemed to have solved the problem, now i am installing the game again, did a a little cleaning and stuff, but i don't think that is the problem. 
The only thing that came into my mind this morning, is, maybe, the game runs automatically on Intel integrated chip instead of NVIDIA.

Opinions, please, thank you, guys! (until the game gets installed, hopefully, it was just a stupid malfunction of some sort, or, who knows...) 

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Too bad i missed this topic...

If it is still relevant, i got two graphic cards as well in my laptop (for some kind of energy saving thingy i guess) and yes, blade and soul apparantly uses such few resources that it starts with the onboard intel graphic card by default. Of course it does not really use a low amount of resources plus your cpu is extra full cause of intel graphics.

Took me two weeks to figure it out why the game kept crashing -.-

Anyway if you have two graphic cards you really should try forcing bns to use the real card. I know nvidia has these options in the system control (if that is what it is called in english, at least it translates to it ^^). At least i have to redo those setting after every update of the driver...

really annoying...

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