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Hands of xanos BoA, but chest not, is a scam!

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Hi there,

there is already a lot of topic about this, so i am keeping mine short:

Having the hands of xanos bound to account, but the locked draken bracelett chest not bound to account is a scam, a bug, an illwill of the developers and does not make any sense at all, in vision of all other draken items being bound to account, too.

Having the costumer service openly telling you, (not a quote of any related ticket content) that this was meant in such a way and that you are utterly screwed with having that box in your inventory is not helping the issues at all: this only means it was definitely an illwill of the developer to annoy its costumers with this item.





Can you at least do me a favor and remove the item and give me 200 hands of xanos and delete the box in my inventory, as it doesnt make any sense now to have such an item.


How does it affect the game:
I. low lvl people will be unhappy to not participate black tower.
It does indeed greatly affect the game, if you give people the idea, that they can easily gear up their gunner to a point, where they are able to participate in higher lvl dungeons. It will make them happy that they dont need to undergo all of that utterly annoying grinding content for the third time again for the gunner. They can not participate in naryu sanctum before they reach baleful 7-8, with the bracelett, they can go black tower and enjoy the same gear content of all the other classes much sooner. They even need to get to 850 ap first before they can even do naryu sanctum, this way its faster for them. If i have to farm 200 times naryu sanctum to get my bracelett by xanos hands, which i have to do anyways because of the low box droprate, how do you think its possible to do that with a new class?


II. high lvl people have a huge advantage over beginners
Same as, it doesnt change the fact, that people with 200 hands of xanos, will definitely give it to their gunner, so they will have it definitely on release day. So it will definitely happen, but only for high levels. It even greater affects the game, if you dont make it account bound: it is absurdly beginner unfriendly, as only 1000 ap+ people will be able to participate in naryu sanctum hard mode to even gather enough account bound hands of xanos fast, you are unfairly giving an advantage to the strongest, but a huge disadvantage to the weakest of your costumerbase!


Conclusion: hands of xanos account bound, but chest not is unfairly impacting the game
Such reason as to not make the box account bound for avoiding game instabilities in any way, is absolutely incorrect. It doesnt make any sense, to have the xanos hand account bound, but not the box. At least give people who paid a ton of money for the box, 200x hands of xanos, so that your content is not becoming utterly useless and annoying for your costumers, which feels like a scam/trap/bug/illwill of the developers.


Give me my 200 hands of xanos for it plz, so that this box doesnt become utterly useless.


Kind Regards.


If you like it, like it, if you like it more, comment on it.

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I'm pretty sad in reading this, i'm on the other side of the barricade, i try to gear up my first char, and this is a pretty common situation, high geared people that bid for gearing up alts characters.


I can understand they're reason, i really will, but in this way it's very difficult for low-mid gear people to gear-up. 


In my point of view items like this should came in two versions:

- one untradable on market, but account bound => in this way people can gear-up they're alts

- another bound to char => so who already had cannot trade and low people can gear-up


In this way everyone can partecipate in dungeon for finding what they need without contrast each other, low people can gear-up without the issue of being outbidded by highest player that need items for alts, and the high player can have a chance to gear-up all the alts they want.


Otherwise the problem is the II points of what Rachefluch said.



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Legendary accs such as necklace and bracelet are so important for gear/pve progression that it does not make any sense to make them so difficult to get. 200 hands of Xanos is preposterous, I assume NCSoft believes that only unemployed nerds play this game. It should be 50 max, and all legendary accs should be account bound regardless. We've had enough of this retarded, old-fashioned anti-alts system.

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Well bracelet is the strongest of the draken accessories and also the newest.  None of the others started off account bound they were bound on pickup. Secondly They have become dated gear, with raven earrings and rings draken set aint really that good anymore better to stick with pinnacle till you get raven especially now with 12 man raid coming even easier to farm.


Side note there is a tradeable box of draken accessories they just have a low rate lol.

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20 minutes ago, luzt said:

Just wait till lvl55 raid with the new bracelet.

By then you're probably gonna get BT acc's and Raven+9 from Story quest.

We will get only mats to make bale/seraph stage6. If we will get it...

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While your information is based on facts from the KR server, it doesn't mean that there isn't gonna be changes in the systems.

Stuff has been removed or added to gather to the western audience several times already.

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