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a new event sell the costumes

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I am a new player in BnS and I really love the costumes and cosmetics of this game but too many of them can not be purchased. I think the Devs can set up a new activity or event that can sell many old,classic and gorgeous costumes and cosmetic.I will probably purchase a lot. In my opinion,this is a mutually beneficial way for players and Devs. I hope this event will be coming in the future. sooooooooooooooooon                      

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It won't happen - you won't see all the old costumes come up all at once, even tho some old ones come back from time to time in specials.

The reason is easy: they'd lose preciousness, rarity, if anyone at anytime could buy every costume.

That's why they rotate em or make em obtainable only from events etc.

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