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Thanks for removing the Silverfrost Quarts from the game ^_^!

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A few ones won't be agree with this post but lets be clear with this, only a few ppl were getting rich from that, macro users, speed hackers and bots. We can count them with our fingers xD! In fact I know one of them; the same guy farming the 6 richest stones in the game 24/7 with a very exact time getting everything for himself and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing the game economy because while he was getting 5-8 quarts the rest of the server had to deal with 1-3 in the small nodes,


Just tell me don't you think that was very very unfair? 


I'm happy that the developers finally did something, So THANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK    YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU   BNS   DEVELOPERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS  For removing that shit from the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For you it's shit, for me it is... was the main source of gold, and no, I'm not a "macro user, speed hacker and bot". I despise them. I agree it's unfair but at least it's not something you have to GRIND for hours.
This was literally my last source of gold, they removed EVERYTHING during this year. What do we have to do now? I can see nothing else but dungeons and PvP.

They could just simply ban botters but they refused to do anything. I had to fight with botters for months, and all they (botters) have to say is that they hold F and they have better ping, funny.

There's one more funny thing - you complain that you didn't get quartz (and you are happy that it's being removed) and you don't even know how much you can gain from it (5-8 and 1-3 are wrong numbers).

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afaik, it's just a few people designated to pin the quartz market by monopolizing the rich nodes but jokes on them i sold a few thousand quartz after merge. kek. one of them sent me an unfriendly mail when he spotted me at shiverstone.


these guys are full of fails.

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2 hours ago, Walex said:

tell me please about these ways (because I can't see anything more than dungeons and PvP). And no, no yay at all.

Ahahaha this guy is killing me xD! The crafting system didnt disappear you know? just use the new crafting system to make gold!!! and please stop crying just because you cannot control the market anymore.

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I am not crying. I am not controling the market. Think what you want anyways.
You didn't answer my question.
Also what, spend gold to craft, sell it for just a little more, pay tax and get 2g profit at the end? That's how you make gold? Funny.

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with the current system some prophecies are useful to win gold and most of the others nor worth to raise them for the gold you can win ..
Radiant Ring .. very expensive and rare materials to create jewelry..and difficult to climb these days.
Soul Wardens .. the only most valuable of all .. shields and stones
Acquired Taste ... just two items to make gold with very little sales
Silver Cauldron .. no one buys antidotes for asura .. and only 1 items to make gold every 24hs ..
Earthseers .. one of the most useless of the game currently .. you get more parchments in the dung than creating them and 1 items every 24hs ..
Merry Potters .. the second most valuable prophecy ..
The Forgekeepers .. you get more hammers in the daily ones than creating them .. field repair tool only way to get good gold.
now with the new system all crafting prophecies have good items with great sales chance .. so as I see it will not be for few how to win gold as it is now ... no more bots .. no more afk in nodes..no more macros .. no more price inflation with crafting materials ....
and until you try the new system you will not know which of them is the best to win gold 

but the current system is only for a few. does considerable damage to new player as they are progressing.


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