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So they are removing ANOTHER source of gold for F2P players (quartz - the thing that many people expected to be removed like 3 months later with 55 content) right after MERGING servers - which caused enough troubles as all quartz cheaters appeared at the same server. Cheaters that should be removed from the game for cheating obviously. I've been reporting them for months and no action has been taken. They told me through the ticket that they want to keep their game "as fair as possible" or something... can someone explain how is it fair then? Keeping all these cheaters since BT release (not to mention all these speed hack users on ssp I've seen same names FOR MONTHS). How is it fair removing all of the gold sources one by one as time is passing? And finally, how am I supposed to get gold now? PvP in this game is terrible, repeating dungeons is boring and it looks like there are no more options because all of them have been removed! Let's take a closer look!


- Moonstones from SSP reduced (from all time to weekly - 2 days for 12 hours each)

- Moonstones and soulstones from SSP reduced even further (replaced with crystals and +300 soulstones chance highly reduced)

- Moonstones from Naksun removed (replaced with crystals, no more 100 bundle)

- Elysian crystals (ornaments) removed from the loot auction, no more getting like up to 8 from one run

- Terrors and wyrm from Misty Woods removed from the game

- Guaranteed pouches from Avalanche Den and Lair of the Frozen Fang removed

- Pirate Chest from Shattered Masts removed from the game

- Did I miss anything?

Merged servers which caused:

 - SSP stuff (or at least what's left there) belongs for crimson side only and you must have a good PC and very good equipment or you won't get anything there. Also the amount of servers reduced so there are more "whales" on the same server. Basically SSP battle boss is dying in less than 10 seconds. 

- Same goes with BBBB from Beastbog. You need to be there way before the respawn or the channel will be full. Plus you also must have a good PC and equipment or you won't get anything.
- more cheaters on the same server for quartz which have been never banned or anything

Now the quartz is going to be removed as well so my question is: how are F2P players supposed to get gold (except repeating dungeons or/and PvP)?

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I'm agree with almost the whole list but not with the Quarts thing because those items weren't for 'free-to-play' players those items belong to bots and speed hackers which are less than 4 people. So im totally agree with the Quarts being removed from the game because those 4 guys where controlling the economy of the game.

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5 minutes ago, Walex said:

I can't agree with that.

Well if you are not agree with the quarts being removed from the game means that you were one of those 4 dudes that were getting all the Quarts Stone Spots in the game doing it 24/7 not leaving anything for the rest of the server, only getting profit for yourself. 


That's the reason i hated the quarts shit, because only a few ppl were getting rich from that.


Now we'll need to grind dungeons like crazy in order to get crafting materials but i rather prefer that because i can go to dungeons whatever i like instead of setting alarms every 1 hour to reach the Farming Spot only for fight the spot with another ppl mostly speed hackers and bots.

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please read the note well:
Quartz and Spring Water, which are being removed from the game. In addition, you'll be able to find these materials from dungeons, raids, and battleground quests. Additional crafting materials and Elements can be obtained through Material Chests which will grant the appropriate guild's materials when opened with the corresponding guild's Guild Key.
just take out the nodes .. with this the monopoly to the bots and several players that had the nodes for them finished. finished the excessive price of quartz because of a few .. now it is easier to acquire the materials .. and TIME THERE ARE MORE OPTIONS TO BE TRADE AND WIN GOLD,
Dragon Soups - Increases combat EXP by 100% and 200% .. Who would not buy these pots for the alts
Brilliant Key - Key used to obtain class-specific weapon ..
now all the prophecies have strong items to create and sell .. not like now only few are profitable
Silver Cauldron is one of the most useless of the crafting guild now .. who buys antidotes for asura?

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Since the launch of the game I've been gathering quartz to make gold since I'm pretty much a f2p player. While it lasted it was by far the most profitable activity in the game, since only a few people could do it at once, those being the no-lifers who don't even sleep or work and show up like clockwork at the spawn times.


 Very few times during lvl 45 content I noticed anyone who could actually be considered a bot, mostly just some characters just afking at nodes with some macro spamming F or with a weight on the F key, probably. After lvl 50 patch I never saw any player character behaving like that or in any irregular way, even after the server merge.


How do you say anyone has cheated with the quartz? to get quartz you need but one thing: lower ping than the other people camping the spawn. Macros that spam the F key don't work for **** because no matter how fast you program it you have better chance by simply keeping the key pressed. So yeah that one person with the lowest ping would always win all the quartz, which is definitely unfair, but you could say the exact same thing about pvp.

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4 minutes ago, Walex said:

I've got low ping but holding F doesn't work for me at all. I'd guess they're using stuff like wtfast + macro.

I can't really say what works best I never had a way to actually test. I would get the best result from pressing F and keeping it pressed for like 1 second, then release really fast and pressing it again. The way the server chooses which player to give the quartz may be more complex than just ping. But yeah sometimes I would beat everyone on every node I would honestly feel bad for them, but then there's that one person who would win it 99% of the time. My point is that I doubt there's any way to cheat like people say speedhacking or botting, both of which have nothing to do with who gets the quartz at the moment of it spawning. Unless some ppl were actually using some actual hacks to inject F presses or something like that, which seems unlikely. 

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There are a few people that are taking almost all of it (a soulfighter, a warlock and people from Chunibyou clan) - and the "best" part is that they have alts so they quickly relog to another spot. Did I mention that they have alts on DE and FR server?

I'm just glad I've got enough (I think) for VT content. I have got no idea where I'll get gold for future content tho. Literally my last living source is camping in Beastbog, waiting for BBBB and counting on that I'll get the loot. Yeah, the game is optimized so badly that my FPS easily drop to 0.

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This is actually a great step forward in the game. Macro camper users made it almost impossible to mine the rich Quartz locations, causing an inflated price for both the Quartz and the stones. I need the Silverfrost Trans Stones to fall back down to 7 - 9g like it was previously so I don't have to spend as much on them to upgrade Pirate bracelets for x30 Jewels. It'll also cheapen the expense when crafting oils. 15g is a complete ripoff. It's nice when you can come across someone who needs 15g so you tell them to buy the x5 stones from f10 and sell them at 3g each to you but it's not often that happens. Hopefully the craftin revamp only requires x10 ss and x10 moonstones to craft x10 stones

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