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Login Failed. Please try again in a few minutes (42) what it does mean?

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i just was about to login to the game and after i typed my password this appears


im still trying to login but i type my password and after 10-20seconds (a lot of time imo) this message continue to appear, it never happened to me before.

 there is a server "problem" or something or idk? 

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I had the same problem literally a few minutes before i saw this post. It lagged a bit after i entered pw then it said wait 42 min even after entering pw correct first time, but I re entered it right after, not even waiting a minute, and it went through launching the game. Dunno wuts up with the login or if its just today, never had this happen before :/

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It seems that the issue has solved by itself

i did tried a couple of time after that message but nothing happened then suddenly it did go through the launcher and the game started all a bit too slowly (more slow then the usual), after a 10-15min it seemed all right...

such a weird thing

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5 hours ago, Kicca said:



4 hours ago, Katu Kat said:


welcome to BNS and bad/problematic translations


that is just a login error, with the error being error 42

the 42 has nothing to do with the number of minutes you need to wait

googling bns error 42 will enlighten you a bit more, just a generic login error



probably the Korean dev team likes Monty Python....

       What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?



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