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Current WL ToI spec

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I started to play with my alt WL (~800 AP now), i have few questions about ToI:


1. Shadow is far much better than Ice there?

2. Which badge should i use?

3. Should i go for 5 Challanger/3 Sparring or rather 5 MSP/3 Challanger?

4. Can someone post builds for each classes (for current skill patch)? I only found outdated ones.

5. Any tips&tricks, ways to"fool" bots mechanics for certain opponents?


I will be very gratefull for any answers or usefull links

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1. Shadow is better in pvp setting which TOI is yes
2. Shadow badges
3. pvp set will give more hp and defence which is needed on higher floor (I use elder + Sanctum, 5/3)
4. Spin 2 win = Knock down skills on x
Fm = Knock up on your 1+f combo, X = daze or stun
BM/KFM = Push back (immunity on 1+f combo)

5. TOI is very gear depended still and will always be that way.

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