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[Suggestion] Account Bound Achievements

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Just why not?
Only profits from that change.
You playing alt and you want proof your skill and mechanics knowledge? Just show your dungeon achievement.
Actually we just can't proof things on alts etc then I'm sure a lot of people are just kicked from party many times before they find group to start dungeon.

For example Bloodlust team can make all achievements account bound (except Character tab)

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I`ve suggested this a year back and they said no, i don`t know why are they so stubbord and idiots. Now they have a whole lot of PvE content besides the PvP that went championship competition. On the contrary now they should make them account bounded so that players can start play all character to learn their strong points and weaknesses for PvP. And on top of all of those the life`s length of the game will ingrease by miles.

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