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Came back from a long break.


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Hello dear BnS Community.

I haven't played BnS in a long time (~4 months) and I came back only to notice how ALOT of stuff has been changed.
>Skilltree looks totally different
>my gear upgrading doesnt work anymore on my weapon.

and alot more....
Anyway,my question is - where is the Shadow version of the Right Mouseclick Attack.I used to have those red cards that go very smooth and quick onto the enemys.
Now I can't find it anyhwhere..
PS: I'm a Lv.36 WL.

Did it get deleted or something? :^(

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mmm, no lots of things are still there. The only things they removed was snare on SS (curse them for this) and CD resets on soulburn.

You will notice you can't mix elements anymore, so what your looking for may be in another build.


Unless you can name the skill, I can't help you.

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@Squishyy Please note, before the changes you were able to mix Ice and Shadow skills, but not anymore, you'll only be able to access shadow skills if you chose shadow build. Also some skills will be unlocked as you level. I can't really say much more, because when of the change I had hit lvl 50 already so, I got all main skills unlocked already.


I don't know if I helped...


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