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Randomly Losing Premium Benefits


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This has happened to me around 4 times already, I'll be playing and randomly lose some of the benefits of premium membership (temporarily). Most common is always losing remote storage but i've had times in the past of losing the bonus gold from quests, lack of bonus hongmoon coins from venture tokens, and even once acting as if I lost premium completly.


In the past it has always been solved by  relaunching the game, and when it just happened to me a few minutes ago changing characters brought me back to my level of premium.


The most recent time it happened to me i had just logged in to the ncsoft website to buy ncoins from within a cross server dungeon, (I checked premium and it said I was Premium Level 1)

2 of the times I believe I was doing Dawn of Khandu Vihar


I haven't lost anything of importance from this, but it might affect other people

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