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New Player - Choosing a class

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Hi, I recently just got around to finally playing this game. So far I'm enjoying the blade master but I've read that it gets boring in the higher levels, bad at pvp, and that kung fu master is the better tank at endgame because of buffs. Now I'm doubting if I want to continue playing this class and if it would be best to pick something else? If I were to play something else what would be your recommendation? I've always played as the tank in most games so I don't mind learning to tank properly but how hard is tanking overall in this game?

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Bad at PvP? lol it's hella good, just HM+z people and they die so fast + HM Block?

KFM is good, but I wouldnt even say BM is behind KFM...Both very well tanks as well. KFM just has a higher learning curve with counter and whatnot. But both are good.

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bms are actually fun and they have everything under the sun in pvp,resists blocks counters stalling bursting whatever you wish, you just need to know skills to figure out a combo for yourself to work with.

in pve they're also good in dps and holding aggro, just use these elements in right enviroments and you should be fine.

pvp: lightning

pve: fire

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