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Why are the battlegrounds restricted to people with good gear? [suggestion]

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On 28.8.2017 at 5:54 PM, NightFer said:

Let me just give you a brief reason as to why those systems cant exist and doesnt prove effective in other games: people can manipulate their gear to get to a lower bracket. So in the end, you will still see ravens in the lowest tier brackets.

Read through it: players gear is locked by the time of registration for a BG queue, this means ppl can't equip/unequip anything of their gear in the BG they join.

On 28.8.2017 at 9:32 PM, Dotimus said:

i'm just here wondering what players did on arathi basin, alterac valey or any of the other BG's on some other MMO....


probably they just went to the forums to rage OR, i don't know, probably they went and grind for gear....

WoW battlegrounds are made up a complete different way, actually i think you can't compare them to the gearing up system + bg system in BnS.

On 28.8.2017 at 11:54 PM, Mad Sofia said:

Then there's me. I'm 750+ AP, HM7, only 3 bg pizza pieces, and a Baleful 1.

I don't care about complaints, I don't care about one hits. I still have fun, and it's fairly rewarding to farm battle points, way better than zen beans actually - I bet a lot of ppl would leave if you gate down bg basing on gears.

Also... tier brackets? Nope, they don't work. Ask Revelation Online. 

There's no evidence it wouldn't work in this game, only because it failed in another. Nobody doubts that you can participate in a battleground with your gear, but how much impact does your participation have to the wins/losses you experience in bg? 

12 hours ago, Erovianni said:

A good compromise would be to make a non rated mode that equalize stats to still reward players for winning and losing and a bigger incentive to go into the geared version.

That would be another kind of solution, which i also could imagine. It should be much easier to implement than my suggestion. Even if the basic idea of the battleground, making pvp more diversified by different gear options, will be erased in this type of bg.

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From what I've seen, success in 6v6 is far more class dependent than anything.


You wanna wreck people? roll a ranged class (WL) with a galaxy weapon and piercing and you'll be alright. stick with one person and jump other people. Proceed to field repair on their corpse.


You want to win? roll assassin and stick to beluga until you have gear.


You want to win in WWV? roll a spin class and spin around a brazier.


Do anything else, you're gonna have a bad time.



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saw this, and know it's old, but didn't understand the meaning of "farming lowbies"... It's not like you get enough points or anything for farming lowbies than if you stay at a higher lvl and kill 1 person there...no?


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