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is this game dead or..?

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F9 is dead, economy in F5 is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up, Arena is full of afkers bc of the event, there's bots farming quartz but not in Arena, or alas I haven't seen any, community still toxic and asks for 900+ AP for 700AP stuff, and... uhm, what else? Don't lose hope tho.

Oh yeah, there's 2 battlegrounds (6v6) that weren't there b4, but they're not equalized, so I mean, if you like bg pvp get ready to get trashed around a lot, but that's common in every MMO I guess. Faction chats are still obnoxious as ever, but sometimes funny and entertaining, lively.

Nerds everywhere too, but you just have to get used to them as if they were a different human sub-species, requires patience if not an halo.

You don't have to bother about wep/accessory evolving till you get Ivorymoon at like, lvl 45ish? That's good, no1 liked ToE.
Story quests will take you to the bare minimum so you can start endgame, also, you'll like the background of the new baleful weapon.

Don't bother if they tell you to go Seraph, you go baleful, even if Seraph looks cool, no1 needs it but someone.

What's endgame about? To me, it involves buying costumes and laughing at the nerds who made their char with big chests but standard face presets, only 1 costume till now because gold doesn't sell (argh), but you may have a different idea of what a fun gameplay is so I won't tell you anything about that, also you said you liked pvp... good luck getting queued for a match after platinum, be ready for a lot of spars.

Also, battlegrounds. Heh. They're fun, in particular when nerds go mad, you would cry tears of laughter. Hah! Nerds are cool.

6vs6 is weirdly fast to queue.

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23 hours ago, Nebula26 said:

Hi all,

i wanna go back to playing this game (for pvp essentially), i played the first 3 months after the eu release and it was funny and it was full of players.

Now how is the situation? and what about bot?


No, it's not dead. Still full of players. Especially after the last merge (that doesn't change anything for cross server ofc). No idea why the other one calls F9 "dead", F9 is currency exchange.. it's at the minimum rate, so it's hard to exchange NCoins for gold, but who cares. No idea what's so bad about F5 (Marketplace) either.


Interesting though that nerds in an MMO are some sort of bad thing. Sub-species, lol, arrogant much.

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Actually, I'm a girl. You know, "Mad Sofia" and all the rest.

And, you're the first one telling me my char is not good looking.


Heh. Let's ignore the rest.

Back to the topic, nope, the game is not dead. I've seen dead games, almost dead games, going-to-die games, but BnS has a stable and resistent community. Here you go.

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