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Lower currency exchange rate

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1 hour ago, YunoGasaiYandere said:

If I'm correct in other regions price in hongmoon coins are higher than NCcoins. And venture tokens are used for crafting, transmutation. anyway. what about everything needing 20x more hongmoon coins ( in example  dragon trade pouch would cost 800 hongmoon coins, instead current 39) but increasing drop rate like this: green token: 80%; blue 40% purple 10%.and it wont be too much of tokens except green ones from rewards. Then you wouldn't even need to sell gold :)


And what about ppl buying gold then? What if no1 sells anymore?


When trove will come, things will be even worse cause every1 will be selling gold to buy the keys and the few ppl that used to bought gold will rather keep their NCoins for the same reason.

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No one in their right mind would want it any lower than it already is. It's bad enough that it went from 70+ last year to 1-6.

It is because players have been complaining over and over again about the fees in the game. The mail fees for the gem were supposed to be a gold sink, but they reduced them down to the ground. Now, pe

Yeah but do you really think your gold will get sold if others do the same? It's gonna be the same problem as it is now, you won't sell any because there's just too much supply and the demand doesn't

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