Dragon Tongue Damage Effect

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I'm not sure which path to take, since i'm confused about effects, i don't know if they add up or cancel eachother since they are called different.

And if it turns out that they don't cancel eachother, then which one should i use? 



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They do stack.


Which one you should use?


Usually BM will go for Dragon for PVE and Tiger for PVP.

But there is also a case when you use Tiger for PVE as well.


If you have BT ss 8 set and/or Riftwalk weapon prop best is Dragon Bracelet

If you don't, tbh doesn't really matter

- Dragon still give you slightly better dps in long boss fight

- But Tiger give you better tool to clean mob in multiple fight in short time and have chance to get free reset from weapon.


So its up to you, I was use Tiger for long time and just switched to Dragon recently.

My dps indeed increase but not really that much without BT ss 8 set and/or Riftwalk weapon.


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