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very low fps on good pc

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Can someone explain me how it is possible to have 11-17fps on laptop with these specializations : i7-7700hq 2.80ghz, gtx 1050ti, ram 8gm ddr4 and win10? I bought new pc to have higher quality of playing, but now is worse than on my old toaster. I dont know, meybe i miss something, meybe this game does not work on laptops or win10. Can someone help me?

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I don't know the exact specs of your laptop but if you also have intel integrated graphics don't ask me why but this game will chose it by default and you will have shit fps. If you have intel igp you must configure in nvidia panel to add BnS client to launch with your GTX1050. And depending of your laptop, playing on battery does not give full power to your GTX. So try playing plugged on sector

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I read something in one of these posts regarding speed. sorry IDK the details, but it sure sounds worth looking into:


someone said the windows has a good ?pre-fetch?? that grabs often used files or w/e else to anticipate and speed your usage. except it gets loaded down and it doesnt have the files you need maybe because of how the game opens lots of files or w/e. it sounded like disabling this thing lets windows run like a fresh nothing in any buffers windows..


don't hold me to any of this as I haven't looked into it. my mid-lo end game box has always run 25-35fps except in a huge crowd then it slows down some, maybe the teens.

I have good ping so that compensates (8 core Athlon on an AMD board with an AMD video card, win10 upgraded version.)

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