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More Sparkling Whirlwind Keys

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I have the feeling that the droprate for the whirlwind keys were severly lowered some time ago. A year ago, I got them pretty often and therefore still have enough on my main. But seriously, I can be lucky if I see one key in a day. On my twinks, I only do the 6v6 weekly for the weekly challenge, which results in roughly 3 boxes per week, and I don't even have enough keys to open those.

I don't see the need for those keys anyway, I think it would be the best to have them removed completely, or at least increase the droprate so you don't need to run every single purple dungeon to have a chance to get a key.

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I agree, why the hell do we need all these different sets of rng key to start with? They take up precious  bank space and we work our buts off in 6v6 to earn the bp to buy the boxes. After all that I should be able to use a regular key. Just change the amount of regular keys I need to use, most ppl are sitting on a stack.

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9 hours ago, Necrontyr said:

I get 3-5 keys everyday just doing dailies, maybe you dont do enough dailies.

I do the daily challenges with 9 characters. Of course, nowadays that are only 1-2 purple dungeons, but I don't even get one key per day. And even if you get 3 keys per day per character, when you actively grind 6v6, you get WAY more.

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