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Nebula Stones Cardinal/Auric = bale+rift/seraph+dawn ?????

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So i haven't seen anyone else posting about this yet so i thought i'd bring it up. why in the world does the Auric Nebula stone work for Seraph/Dawnforged while the Cardinal works for Baleful/Riftwalk when seraph upgrades to riftwalk and baleful upgrades to dawnforged. my only theory regarding this is that in the other versions where seraph/bale are reversed this event was used there? Anyone have any ideas? 



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It's cause our Bale is Seraph in KR and our Seraph is Bale in KR.

But our Rift and Dawn are the same with KR.


So i guess they didnt bother to modify it. Just be careful when you exchange your Nebula stone that all.

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