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How to build and play as Soul F?


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On 8/18/2017 at 6:03 AM, Skoazius said:

Hello I am new to this game and I cant find any useful information on how to set my skills up correctly as a Souls Fighter can anyone help me or link me a video to do this properly

Thank you in advance 

I feel your pain. I do know that there is not much current information. If you go by April 12th forward you should be ok. I have seen this video as well. Guy is really good.

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What your favorite fighting style, fight or mag shuting. 2 different and upgradable separately.

I like mag game style, in this game there hard to fix on bosses and when they moves or uses skills in fight mode I almost allways ending up in zone where your skills do no damage at all. From distance you can easily attack all time with small movement. I using frost mode - left mouse button hitting to all mobs in 16m range, there is burning tundra instead whirlwind (V simbol). For me mass hits its better than it, this skill takes all mobs in range and ceaps them in center. 

I using mass damage skill from fight mode at begining of fight Focus Chi - Self defence chi (for 5 second shield) - Frost storm (centered to caster, to move with me nearly boss) then push and don't let go right mouse button for massive damage from Dragonfury skill. Then I free fight 30s+ from distance. Shute and hit what I have. Using seraphin weapon line for 30% less Focus Chi time. 

Recommending upgrade Chi burst for 50% hp to you and 40% to party insted 20% with "Offals". 

Seraphin to riftwal/rawen - 50-100% more damage, really big difference

Pulse mystic badge (2.6k% damage from first frost storm hit with 900ap its about 80k) Blue moon Soul badge for +10% damage.

Unleashed hongmoon pet aura (for 300 hp from each crit hit, its restores your hp in few seconds, other bonus)

True ascending soul for +200ap and 25% more from crits 12% to rate allmoust all time.

Skypetal Plains saoul shield 1-5 with crits on it and with critical upgrades 6-8 from Nariu Sanktum 7ap, 7% crits, 423 piercing (hits to players and mobs skipping armor)

You can change from fight mode to shooting with tab, and if its counting with 2 times fast pushing move back.


More than enought enjoy you game, and playing style.

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