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EU Regional Championship Team Changes

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The Blade & Soul EU Regional Championship is a week away, and players have been competing hard over the last couple months to qualify for the Regional Championship. We’re also working to ensure everyone can get to the event, and ensure as high a quality competition as possible.


Unfortunately due to team roster availability to attend the Regional Championship, the below team statuses are changing:

  • 1st seed team “Bad Intentions” will be using their registered substitute Colouriised to replace team member Luki who is unable to attend the event.
  • 8th seed team “Z.X.M.” will not have a full team composition for the Regional Championship, and therefore are disqualified from participating.


As the conditions for qualification was met and the brackets posted, there will be no further changes to the Regional Championship seeding or bracket line-up. Z.X.M’s position in the brackets will be considered as a “bye” for the purposes of their matches.

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