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all mixed up now


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Moonfall (1)

Moonfall has been moved from the F hotkey to the 1 hotkey.

Moonfall now applies Weed Whack upon hit.

Vine Whip / Thorn Strike (2)

Vine Whip (Move 1) and Thorn Strike (Move 1) now have a vertical hitbox of 16m, up from 10m.

Enhanced Seed Shroud (4)

Enhanced Seed Shroud has been moved from the F hotkey to the 4 hotkey.

Enhanced Seed Shroud can no longer be used immediately after Seed Shroud.

Enhanced Seed Shroud can now be used for a short period after Seed Shroud ends.

Fixed an issue where Enhanced Seed Shroud would sometimes fail to cast.

Farewell (F)

Familiar can no longer be affected by Knockback while casting Farewell.

Huzzah (Z)

Huzzah (Move 2) now heals the Familiar for 20% of its health, up from 10%.

Hammer Spin (C)

Fixed an issue where Hammer Spin could not be used in rare occasions.

Hammer Spin now has an updated icon when the Familiar is affected by Grab, Phantom Grip, Stun, or Daze.

Strike (C)

Strike can no longer be used on targets affected by Airborne.

Beckon (E)

Beckon now has an updated icon when the skill is on cooldown.

Lunge (Tab)

Lunge now has a cooldown of 36 seconds, down from 45 seconds. This cooldown can be reduced by 6 seconds upon hit with Play Time.


Roundabout now also heals the Familiar for 10% of its health.

why are the mixing up our skills like this.... know how long its going to take to get accustomed to pressing F 4 (seed shroud) 
Why move Moon fall to 1 man it was ok on F 
ok ok we welcome the distance increase of vinewhip 10m was sometimes anoying

anybody else hating what  they keep doing to Sums .... sigh 

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13 hours ago, iritsuchan said:

I don't think those changes are bad, but I definitely screwed up few times today because of the 4F thing. I don't hate it, it just need getting used to. 

I just wish sometimes the give us reasons for these changes you know... I got kicked 3 times from EC because I couldnt stealth properly I kept F F ing so until i get used to this crap ill just hope that someone else can do it cause i suck at the moment... I never had a problem timing stealth with F F like i need to go do training room with EC boss over n over till i can finally time that F 4 thing with shroud...  not only that in 3 v 3 and whirlwind i keep failing by F F ing  forgetting its not F 4  .....

well at least im glad they didnt go all dumb by moving moonfall to 1 without giving it weed wack cause .... that would have def screwed up the dps big time...

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Changing Moonfall to 1 is great, because of Flying Nettles with Magnum Badge.
I can't count the number of times I was sitting on 2 stacks of Magnum, or just getting the 3rd, and the boss would be grabbed. Then Moonfall would override Flying Nettles, so I would miss quite a bit of dps.

Now that Moonfall is on 1, I won't have to worry about that anymore and I can do both.


And it took me literally 2 tries to not move my finger from the 4 button to stealth party. It's really not hard.


And Pondo...it's 4 4. Not F F.

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