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why is there a lvl55 skill that in "K"?

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Just checked the skills page and down below theres 2 abilities that are for lvl 55 (?)..


(for WL) 1 is called "enthrall" and does 28k-30k dmg and the other one is called "necrotic chains" which i think is a CC ability.. 


anyways, wtf? also it doesnt say what keys those abilities go on.. whats going on lol

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1 hour ago, Meliodesu said:

ultimate? wtf? and whats lvl55 i still dont understand


Atm you cannot use those skills but

In the next couple update, our level cap will increase from 50 to 55.


At that time the system will stop you from leveling HM level but normal level instead until you reach 55 then it will level up HM like normal.


When you reach to level 55 you will unlock those skills and we call it Ultimate skills.

Key bind by default will be G and B


Those skills need to be charge during battle via other normal skills (if you read other skills you will see some skills charging hongmoon energy) before it available to be use.


Take a look at this video to see how the Ultimate skill animation look like.



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