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why most of the outfits that are supposed to be on the shop i cant find them there?

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most of the outfits in F3 that are under the category of "hongmoon store", i cant find them there. For example, the white mask (similar to the scarlet one, but in white), i cant find it there in the store, but it clearly says that it should be there

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Outfits in hongmoon store have a rotation system so most of them dont come back after a long time or in special sales only a few are permanente wich are changed too but they remain longer than others, rotating outfits is the best way to sink nice amounts of money from players (some people just bougth them because they wont be anytime soon in the future) most game companys do this.

Also you have outfits only relased in special campaings,rng box or trove

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