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about soulstone plains battle boss's


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10 hours ago, piinajaa said:

how many agree's on this after merge  that we got 1 ssp channel more and didnt increase hp of battle boss's   or lower the prestige needed for the battle chest?

Well After Merge and Before Merge it was same thing, Only that Before Merge Doing SSP at Night 01:00-08:00 Used to be more playable, and After Merge During day and During Night is almost same amount of people doing. The last big Discussion about Increasing HP of  SSP bosses was when first time servers merged. But nothing has been done. SSP is simply out-dated on our gears. Even with Full Black Tower Gear, I never get drop From battle after merge. Since bosses dies in 1-2 sec and also lag plays big role too. They should add Floating Island a.k.a Ethereal Battleground already. If they don't want to re-work SSP. Because at the moment it feels like, Doing BlackRam Low Lvl Dungeon with Full BT gear ^^, You can solo Terrors in 10~ sec, You can easily 2 man Akbul. SSP is out-dated on gears. - I don't think anything will be done about it. 

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