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PVE players and PVP

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So, all day i've been working on leveling my clan to least 14 since I don't pve whatsoever. All my gear besides soulshields are from 45 cap so you can kill me in about 4 or 5 hits. (got them from trove last year)


Anyway, ever since the merge it's been a few cims here an there in faction putting up a fight against me and losing, losing as me me putting them all to sleep and laughing at them because, just like the event topic i've made, PVE PLAYERS DON'T KNOW THEIR OWN CLASS! Or anyone else for that matter! And you wanna try and fight people?? You kids don't even know how to NOT use TAB first. You TAB YOU LOSE.

(no wonder I stay in arena!)


All these desperate players i've ran into and knocked out, TAB, ran back to me and knocked out AGAIN don't know crap about pvp and yet you go around with that, in which from what I can tell they obviously used another pc and just farmed their own dead body for that stupid mask on their faces as if it means something.

Ran into 2 FMs ganking me, put them to sleep. Ran into a KFM and SIN, put them sleep. Ran into a destroyer who was desperate enough to follow me to another channel just to kill me, PUT, HIM, TO, SLEEP. Oh, almost forgot about that blade master and his blind/typical fire spam i've also knocked out.


I'm not tryin to sound like a uhh...uhh A DAD...haha, really. But, if you wanna act like some tuff guy or stalk players around like a coward and kill them or trash talk, sure why not who's gonna stop you? But at least KNOW what you're doing BEFORE you do it! You wanna get embarrassed while your friends are watching like those 2 FMs I knocked out? Go right ahead.


Please for crying out loud do the following before going back in faction!




3. STOP, TABBING! You have a F,1, and 2 (some classes have 2) and you wonder why you can't get up after you tab


You peeps make it too easy.

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Sorry! you sound pretty arrogant, and conceited. I mean you talk like you're all that, and congratulations I'll give you a cookie. You want to talk about people learning their class then why don't you share some knowledge, since you seem to be this Almighty scholar that knows everything about everybody else's class, or are you scared of somebody Using that knowledge against you? You are the main type of PVP players that once you get your ass handed to you you will be on the opposite in pitching a fit! Granted, these people that attack you may have not known their class very well.


But that's no reason to act all high and mighty like you actually did something I mean these people don't know what they're doing quite obviously, and you said it yourself. Your whole post here just screams at people for not knowing their class, and you don't even know if these people are indeed trying to learn their class. I mean, who's to say that them, attacking you wasn't their attempt to learn their class at PVP. I mean, we've all got to start somewhere with PVP. So, yeah, most of us starting off in PvP or going to come in with a whole bunch of errors and bad judgment with playing our class. 


So let's not forget that you were there at one point with your class and didn't know s*** about your class. And I am sure you went to arenas and PVP'd, and got your ass handed to you multiple times. So don't act like we're supposed to just start off knowing everything cuz you didn't yourself!  You a damn lie, if you try to say you did know everything at the start. So, if inexperienced players urk  you so much when they attack you. Then why not try to educate them so that the next time they attack you maybe they can hand your own ass to you! So the next time people won't make it so easy for you.

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53 minutes ago, Fufia said:

Typical mentality in BS no wonder ppl do lots of topics about how toxic ppl are.

Yea SR you the best do you want a medal?

Nah, probably some mid-silver kid angry because some people made fun of him in open world, trying to stand tall.

Op :

If your gear is that low, why bother with big fishes ? You have many ways to dodge griefers. Crying in forums is not one of them.

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Always interesting how people referring to others as "kids" are the ones mindlessly flaming, using Caps Lock all over their texts and not being able to use simple punctuation. Apart from making a fool of yourself, I don't see a purpose in this post. It's not even a discussion opening from your side.

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