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Contest costume discussion

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Hi Girls and Boys!
This topic is for talking about what you choose for the contest, why and maybe discuss around how good they are, instead of each player making a "suggestion xxxx" post for the contest.
To avoid any heated topic, you should before posting anything be more self aware and be aware that others have the liberty to choose to vote for what they want and that everybody find beauty in different things .
So speaking of the current costume in the contest they are well done. And the vote are going up quickly. oO
I was ready to vote for the one I found beautiful when some selfish idea came to my mind: we are in fact not choosing the best draw outfit but choosing the outfit that we want our characters to wear in the future. Then I realised it was not since we are selecting a concept art for BnS and not for a character in a show or in another game. So I took my time to analyze them and here is my humble conclusion.

I have a feeling that Phantom Flower, Golden Flower and Confliction are outfits we will get in the game at a point eventually (like the rose costume we will get with gunner class). But then i saw they were top choice: so I suppose people went for first feeling or/and without knowing they voted for what they saw often (as type of outfit/ not the outfit itself). As for desperado: when you see some outfit like "Loose cannon" or "boss mode".


This is a chance once a year to choose something that would break with the usual outfits collection the artists in bns are creating for us.

So in my reasonning it should be something in your wardrobe that will flash and not something  nice on other game like closer pso2 or show ... but not in bns or just as +1 of another outfit we have (who still wear that Alice outfit?). It could be usefull to check the wardrode then:

Into the Woods :  + 1


-man: need that male outfit (with a hunting pose would be killer. female could be like that too...). No spike on the foot could give more the feeling of wild and less of a too much.
-woman: the female suit is sure sexy but what is really intersting is that head adornent and the heart shapes in the back. The pointy shoulder piece added is kinda too much too .
-cat: so cute make you think of B.B. Hood : just need some weapons in that basket. Beat by the cat grandma...

If some adornents can be disabled/ are compatible with other clothes this one is top.


Ancient Gods :  + 1


- We wont have many chance to get this type of outfit often and it is the type of outfit that make you stand out easly.


Jiansei 2.0: could be + 1
- That is what I am talking about. But I fear the "Alice" effect and there is a chance that we get something close to it : The jinsoyun outfit on MxM. Maybe a mechs era in the story...(Irontech, the flying boat...)


BlackMoon: could be + 1
-Because it is close to maritime patrol. But the armor pieces and the skirt for women add a big added value.

The Divine Beasts: could be + 1
After passing that trap focus on the character eating, I realize that it is completly irrelevant to the outfit itself:
-Main intersting thing here is that head adornent+hair for the color effect,  ears and the floating tiara. We need something like that in the game. I just fear it wont be applicable to the game since we never really got decoloration on our character hair, only double color(julia bangs, and skybreak hair...)
-Nothing to say for male



P.S. Sorry for my broken english

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Blackmoon definitely. It looks badass on males (I don't care tho because I don't play a male char, but many do actually care) and super cute on females. That cute, classy, armored navy commander style makes me go crazy, I'd seriously pay for that costume. Divine beasts would be my second favourite.


I hate Phatom flower.


The end.

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My top 3 are:

  1. The Divine Beasts: It's totally my style. I know I'd use this outfit and its accesories pretty often. Just look how graceful it is~ <3
  2. BlackMoon: IMO this outfit looks pretty professional, the only things pushing it down from first place for me is that the female's hairstyle is just another Poharan variant and the male's inner coat looks like the skyhaven uniform. I want something different than what I already have ingame. Even though I love this outfit and looks pretty badass with that berserk looking armor parts on the male design, that sure is a win for me. *cough*Not to mention that I'm into this kinda uniforms*cough* Who said that?!
  3. Confliction: I didn't specially like it on first glance but the closer I looked at it the more I liked it. It has grown on me and I think it deserves to be in the top three.







And a special mention to:

  • Highly Suspicious: 'Cause it is the bestest cat outfit ever. Can you give us this true work of feline art even if the main outfit doesn't win. Pretty please? I'd buy it from the HM store, just sayin'... And for the main outfit I like it, it is very original. I like the hood and the roses, the tattoo, the leg adornments with those bones and the horns around the leg, the cape with the spider web texture... Pretty cool stuff. The male outfit is just as good though, specially the tattoo and the wolf's skin with those arrows. ("Not the real face" "Comforting wolf hand on shoulder" LOL them derp faces)


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16 hours ago, Arelia said:


This is a chance once a year to choose something that would break with the usual outfits collection the artists in bns are creating for us.


Completely agreed. I'm so sad that the most voted now is so "more of the same". I voted almost pretty much like you, +1 to Golden Flower, to Ancient Gods and Into The Woods. The're far the best to me.


Blackmoon is my honorable mention. I need that uniform. Badly.

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