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Suggestion: Shared quests

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In what way is this vital?


If you're in the same party as said player(s) and doing the same quest you're, by default, sharing the quest since if you kill a mob/pick up a drop you all share the same progress.

If you're referring to Celestial Basin quests then no. The reason why they made it random quests for everyone, even if being in the same party, is because it's trying to make everyone farm so it doesn't encourage groups of people afking while letting 1 other person farm for all of them. Pretty much telling you to put out the effort if you want the items from the vendor.

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10 hours ago, Spiritchan said:

In order to play with your friends this is a vital feature. Share quests or at least the ability to see the quests of your other party members (if they share them).

You know that you have dailies quest limit as 40 per day right? At least I won't waste the limit on some lower level dungeons with only 10-20 silver as rewards.

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